Tuesday, July 07, 2015


Sunday: biked to church; otherwise, rest day.

Monday: 20 min elliptical + biked to work (hard uphill).

Today: 10K racewalking. Nice weather!!! Finally cooled off a bit and was 68F (20C) when I went out this morning. It felt pretty good; a bit warm, but didn't impair performance. My legs felt decent, getting a little tired around 8km (was 6:29/km by 8km) and getting to 10km (slight uphill for 2km) at 1:05:20 for 6:32/km with ave HR 151. I focused very hard on my posture. I knew I wasn't going to be fast today and was tempted to get upset about it, but remembered that I need to 1) stay positive, and 2) be less anxious. So I set a goal of getting to 10km with good form and to heck with the time. That worked out pretty well. I had a bit of a scare at 1.5ish km, tripping on a sidewalk crack, but I caught myself and didn't fall. Then I slipped on some wet plant material in a gutter, but again caught myself. Crazy. All in all, I'm glad to be feeling good and hopefully training hard again soon.

Garmin data here. 

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