Saturday, July 18, 2015


Did 14K on the greenbelt in Boise, Idaho. We are on vacation, having left home and dogs in the capable hands of our live-in house sitter Luke, who was more than happy to have a piano to play and a cool basement to sleep in while we're gone (he lives in a converted attic - HOT!).

The greenbelt here in Boise is amazing, meandering along the Boise River right through the heart of the city, including past the stadium and Boise State. It's impeccably maintained with mile markers every 0.1 mile, restrooms, and water fountains. There were a couple races going on this morning but I was out early enough that I didn't run into them, thankfully.

The 14K went very well. I felt great until about 11km when my legs got a bit tired, but I was still able to finish strong with good splits. My coach is happy with the way things have been going, and so am I. Hopefully with more training I can increase my leg speed and get back in very good shape again, barring unforeseen relapses of the mystery illness.

Of note - lots of Canadian geese with their offspring, which were super cute. Also, some random runner high fived me as he went by :). That was fun. People here are very friendly and I enjoyed the gorgeous scenery and weather - 55F (12.7C) to start, clear, and calm. Gorgeous.

Total time: 1:29:55 for 6:25/km; was about 1:04:00 for 10km. A good, solid walk.

Garmin data here. 

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