Saturday, November 01, 2014

10K and OK?

I did 10K this morning, and I *think* I'm OK. Probably?

My legs definitely had some weird soreness yesterday (rest day) and a bit today during my 10K, but afterward they seem OK. I think. I cancelled my afternoon piano student so that I can get in an extra nap - I definitely need some sleep to try and nip this in the bud in case it worsens.

The 10K was all right other than the leg soreness. At 4km I did take about a 15 min break to chat with a friend and introduce her to my dog, but when I started up again my legs actually felt *better* than they did before I stopped. Whatever! Weird, but good. I finished up OK and my time was decent; 1:02:55 for 6:18/km with ave HR 150. It was oddly warm and windy, as a storm is blowing in. It was 66F (18.9C) just before 10am when I finally walked out the door (I had to take Calvin to an indoor soccer game this morning at 8am so didn't walk until after it was over). That didn't seem to bother me, though, and other than extra dog slobber (Sugar has a warm fur coat and gets hot) it was no big deal.

I admit I'm a bit anxious that I'm having another relapse, but if I am it seems to be minor in comparison with previous relapses. I'm hoping this is not a big deal and that I'll feel good next week. All the same, I'm wondering if I should take some more time off? I have had a bunch of personal stress lately and training on top of all of this is not easy. Perhaps all the stress has contributed to how I'm feeling. Regardless, I have a 1-hr race on November 22 that I want to do, so I should at least walk at some minimal level until then? I feel a bit unsure of what direction to take. I also have a half marathon I want to do in March, and if I'm feeling good, there's a marathon I want to do in June, and of course the 50K next year... but I can only do these things if my body permits. It's confusing and frustrating.

Garmin data here. 

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