Wednesday, November 12, 2014

coffee with Kelly

I went to the track to do a 3K fartlek. It seemed windy when I left home, and my legs were sore going up the stairs from our basement. I should have paid attention to both.

I arrived at the track and it was SO windy that my car door blew open forcefully when I opened it a few inches. Not a good sign. Plus, it was only 23F (-5C). It was really, really cold. And windy. And you guessed it... I knew the 3K fartlek was impossible, so I went to have coffee with Kelly.

Despite the rest day, my legs still hurt this morning when I was sitting at work for even 15 minutes straight in one position (looking in the microscope). I am demoralized, fatigued, and tired of this whole thing.

I had a pity party eating fest last night that only succeeded in making me feel worse (DUH!). Not sure how to proceed other than that I have to get back up and keep going somehow.

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