Sunday, November 23, 2014

ouch :(

I hurt my toe this morning; stubbed it really hard on the leg of a bookcase in our room. I am quite clumsy (which is why I don't ski!).

I think I'm off RW for a little bit. If I'm lucky it'll just hurt for a few days and I can train again. If not, and it's broken (which I think it might be, judging by amount of pain and bruising), then it might be 4 weeks or more.

No sense worrying. Can't change it.

I think I'll try spinning tomorrow and see if I can do that. Walking (even casual walking) is impossible right now.

Edited to add: darn it. My legs are good today - I am recovering very well from the 1hr postal, which means if this hadn't happened I might be able to train hard again. Bummer.

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