Saturday, November 29, 2014

cross-training mode

I'm in full-on cross-training mode. Discovered yesterday that the elliptical doesn't hurt :). That's HUGE :). So now I can spin or do the elliptical; I could possibly swim but I know it'd hurt to push off the wall with both feet, and I'd probably have to use the pull buoy - not sure I could kick. Besides, I don't really enjoy swimming that much, and would rather do the elliptical or bike. I enjoy reading novels and/or the newspaper on the elliptical (on my Kindle), so that works well. Exercise AND reading at the same time! Hard combination to beat, if you've got to cross-train.

I'm trying to avoid asking "Why me?" questions, and instead just focus on "What will I do with these circumstances?". It's a better and more useful question anyway. I'm thoroughly enjoying the extra sleep that I'm getting on this long weekend, and the chance to do a bit of housework (toe permitting...periodically I have to stop and ice it, as it gets really sore). Yesterday I did the traditional day-after-Thanksgiving turkey soup and tree decorating with my family, and though my toe did require that I stop after a while, I still very much enjoyed the day.

Training -

Friday: 30 min elliptical; 15 min stationary bike.

Today: 45 min elliptical; 15 min stationary bike.

Foot photos, and a few others:

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