Thursday, November 20, 2014

3K fartlek!

I actually did a whole workout. Haha, so it was only a 3K fartlek...I did it.

The bad: it was quite slow, and I felt like I was breathing through a straw. Thank you very much, upper respiratory infection.

The good: I finished it, and my legs have hardly hurt at all today. Only a tiny bit of weird soreness (1 of 10 maybe?) even with sitting in lab meeting. I am a little sore, but it's the good kind of soreness.

I was snuggled up in my warm bed this morning, and I really did NOT want to go do the workout, because I was sure I'd be physically punished for doing it. In addition, it was dark and cold, though as it turns out, it wasn't too dark by the time I got to the track around 7 am, and it wasn't that cold either, at 31F (-0.6C), with no wind at all. It was lots warmer than it has been in the mornings lately. (Though it's supposed to get cold and snow Sunday & Monday, and then get really cold on Thanksgiving next Thursday).

As usual, I'm glad I did the workout, though it didn't feel that good. At least I wasn't punished for it with leg pain all day. I'm grateful for that.

Total time was a slow 17:50, with a high average HR of 164. I was pushing and breathing but it just felt so hard to catch my breath :(. The medium effort 500s were 3:11 (slow!!!), and the fast 500s were slow too at 2:49, 2:53, 2:55, and 2:52 (managed to work the last one - not sure how - felt I was falling apart totally). But hey, it's done.

Now on to the 1 hr postal walk on Saturday. Hahahahaha that'll be interesting.

Garmin data here. 

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Nyle said...

Way to go Tammy. Take heart in each step you do. 3km fartleks are tough at the best of times and your time was just fine and plus you were sick so that makes it FANTASTIC. Go have fun in the 1 hour postal. Dont focus on time or distance...focus on the fun and friendship side of racewalking :D
big hugs and a hige FIVE!!