Monday, November 03, 2014


Today I managed 8K and my legs did all right; the last km they were definitely not great, so I opted to skip the 5x200m. I felt a bit guilty about this, but my coach specifically has told me to really listen to my body right now and to not do things if they don't feel right, so I stopped.

Up until then I felt pretty good, and did 50:45ish for the 8km (watch says 8.17, but the first 500m was NOT 500m - the watch screwed up badly; I know where 500m is on that route and I also know my first 500m was NOT in 2:17!!! Now that would have been fast!) for ~6:20/km with ave HR 149.

Garmin data here. 

We finally switched back to standard time, which is a huge relief as it wasn't quite so pitch black this morning (though in a few weeks it will be again...sigh.....). I know I blog a lot about the light and the weather, but it affects my mood a lot and is very relevant to my racewalking because of that. It was 37F (2.8C) for my walk this morning, which is seasonally chilly, but comfortable. It wasn't windy, and with a long-sleeved shirt and tights and gloves I was perfectly happy. One added side benefit of long hair is that I can leave it down in the winter and it helps a LOT to keep my head warm. Feels great!

Tomorrow ... either spinning (I will take it easy! I promise!) or possibly 8K fartlek. Not sure... leaning towards spinning, though my legs might be good enough for speed work? We'll see. Stay tuned. Not that anyone still reads this besides my coach and my mom...


Nyle said...

I still read it. I check it every night, I love to see how you are doing.

Glad that you have listened to your body and that your 8km was really good. You train way faster than I do :D

Keep posting...lots of us follow

Harriet said...

I too read this, though I use the Feedly reader, so you might not get "credit" for the blog hit.