Monday, November 24, 2014


My toe is really ugly right now. It was extremely painful today - had to use crutches most of the day and/or wheeled chair at work and/or lean hard on shopping cart in the store to gimp around.

Prognosis for Thursday's turkey trot? Very bleak. Oh well!

I am hoping to feel better in 4 weeks, but realistically it might be 8 weeks. Geez. Trying to wrap my mind around that and deal with it in a functional healthy adult manner rather than curling up in a ball, crying, and giving up. So far I'm dealing with it OK, but I suppose that will wax and wane.

For now: ice, naproxen, rest (HAHAHA! like I can rest at home or work!!!) as much as possible. Needless to say, I was unable to spin today. I might try tomorrow but only if it feels better than it did this morning.

Dangit. Blogger is malfunctioning and won't let me upload the photo. You'll just have to trust me that it is even worse than my FB photo from earlier today. It's very purple and swollen, with bruising over an inch from the toe :(.

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