Friday, October 24, 2014

x-train; easy 5K

Yesterday: spinning class. I worked it hard, as we did some good hill climbing. I was feeling that a bit in my glutes this morning!

Today: 5K easy. Nice! I took the dog out and just went and got it done. It was about 45F, clear, and calm, but still dark when I went out. Still a nice morning, and aside from a little soreness from the spinning I felt fine, and have continued to feel good this morning at work. Total time was 31:06 for 6:12/km with ave HR 149 (though it was probably a bit less as my HR monitor spiked for the first km or so).

Garmin data here. 

5K race Saturday morning in Sacramento :)! I'm bringing Grace with me and visiting my brother's family in Davis, CA, but Calvin and Loren are staying home and holding down the fort, and doing lots of guy stuff (i.e. watching the World Series, and rooting for the Giants all the way!).

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