Friday, October 03, 2014

cross-training; 4x1km

Yesterday: 30 min elliptical; 15 min stationary bike; 10 min core strength (planks included); then bike to work! Felt good but was glad for a x-train day.

Today: At track at 6 am to meet Kelly, and it was only 46F (7.8C) but no wind and was actually pretty nice. Warmed up 1600m plus strides then did 4x1km. I was not feeling that great on the first one (legs a bit tired? tight? something?) but did pretty well, and was nervous to do 2nd one, but Kelly cheered me on! Then I started feeling a bit better on the other three and was able to keep my speed. I wasn't fast, but wasn't slow either. I'll take it. I was consistent, and Kelly said my form looked the best she's ever seen it. That made me feel good because I've been working hard on it.

Legs are feeling a bit sore now in the glutes, maybe some weird soreness??? But I feel pretty energetic and OK otherwise. I am a bit nervous about 12km tomorrow. I have a feeling that will be really hard, but hopefully my body is up for it.

Here are my times for the 1kms, with 3' rest in between.

 2:51.2 = 5:40.5

 2:50.5 = 5:38.5

 2:49.0 = 5:37.9
 2:48.8 = 5:37.9

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