Tuesday, October 28, 2014

tired 8K

My legs felt decent this morning before my walk, but they were definitely tired, and I wore out pretty quickly during the walk. I was to do 8K plus 5x200m, and let's just say that 1) I woke up a bit late, and didn't have time for the 200s, AND 2) it's probably better that I didn't do them because my legs were feeling this workout later today. I had a slight bit of soreness upon sitting today, and driving just a little bit made it a bit worse. Nothing serious or anything to worry about, but I definitely am not recovering as well as I would have liked from the race.

So, this morning's walk was 8K in 51:39 for 6:27/km. Not very impressive. Glad that coach changed it as originally he was thinking to have me do 5x1km intervals! Eeek!

Garmin data here.

Edited to add: oh, and it was cold and dark :(. It almost froze this morning; my iPhone said 34F but Garmin says 36F (2.2C). Not unseasonably cold, but I'm just really NOT ready for winter. Ugh.

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