Saturday, October 11, 2014


I'm recovering from my illness, but also from a very challenging week; maybe one of the hardest I've had in a long time. Long story, and the details aren't relevant to the workout. Let's just say it's been very difficult, but that things are looking hopeful at the moment. Maybe.

After Monday's workout, I wasn't able to do anything until Thursday. Tuesday and Wednesday I was very ill and just muddled through my day each day. Thursday morning I managed to do 20 min elliptical and ride my bike to work, and I felt physically decent, but mentally wiped due to all the stuff going on. Friday I had to go to the kids' classes to present my annual zebrafish lesson to them, and the schedule of the day totally overwhelmed me and I really could not find any time to work out - a rarity, since I prioritize my workouts above just about everything else, knowing that I need them for my sanity. But with recovering from being sick, and with everything going on, it was better to take another day off I think.

Today my coach really wanted me to get off my rear end and do something. He said it would make me feel better, and it did, sort of. It takes a lot of energy for a track workout, and I had a lot to do today, so it did leave me a bit depleted for the other things, but in retrospect, that worked out OK. A good friend from church helped me clean my house today and made dinner for us, and I really really appreciated that given the week we've had.

Anyway, back to the workout. I didn't go to the track until 10:30am, because I was too lazy this morning. I wasn't sure I was even going to do it. I drove over there but figured if anything didn't feel right that I could just go to the gym and do the elliptical. It was warm at 10:30 but not hot; low 60s (about 17C) with the sun shining pretty fiercely. I did get a bit toasty during the workout, but I don't think it affected me too much.

I had a 3K fartlek plus 4x500m intervals. I decided in advance I'd rest 2 min after the fartlek and then do 2 min rest between each 500 as well. Perhaps I should have rested 3 min after the fartlek, as my first 500 was particularly painful, but after that I settled in and the other 3 were OK. I did have to really talk myself into that 2nd 500, but then it went better and the 3rd and 4th were fine as well. I kept telling myself I could quit at any time if I needed to, and I would have if the second 500 wasn't better; since it was, I kept going.

The 3K fartlek went fine, though my heart rate was pretty high throughout. Not sure why, as I wasn't fast - 2:46.2, 2:50.8 (both fast), 3:05.4 (medium), 2:53.1 (fast), 3:10.0 (medium), 2:54.7 (fast). Total 17:40 for the fartlek. Then 2 min rest, then 2:54.7, 2:52.0, 2:50.8, 2:50.7 for my four 500s, with 2' rest between each. HR was a bit lower on each of those as you'd expect.

Afterwards I felt OK; still mentally and emotionally a bit drained, but my body was OK. My legs had a little post-workout soreness/stiffness for the rest of the day, but it wasn't severe. Just noticeable. I will probably still try and cross-train tomorrow if I can.

Garmin data here.

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