Monday, October 20, 2014

rest day; 8K + 5x200

Sunday: rest day; took my mom to the opera for her birthday!


Today: woke up a little late, and was feeling tired and sluggish and a bit gloomy. I knew that I really needed to racewalk to shake off the blues. My legs felt good and I was sure that they would do well, so there wasn't too much anxiety, and besides, the weather was lovely. It was 50F (10C) and clear and calm; we've had perfect fall weather for a lot of October and I'm just soaking it in.

My workout was 8K plus 5x200m, and I took the dog and got out there. Even though I left pretty late (7:05? 7:10?) it was still dark and I had to wear my headlamp and reflective vest. Grrrr. So annoying that Daylight Savings is still going as it makes it darker in the morning for racewalking. I had a good walk anyway; 50:38 for the 8K for 6:20/km with ave HR 146, and best of all, my legs felt good and strong. Garmin data here. 

I actually succeeded in getting the dog to do the 200s with me today :). I did them in 1:02-3ish each for a total of 5:14 for the five 200s. Garmin data here. 

Tomorrow: plan to spin with Kelly.

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