Monday, October 06, 2014

8K plus 5x200m

Sunday: rest day. Busy, but no exercise. Calvin was ill with a fever Saturday night and Sunday; also had a sore throat. I am hoping I don't get sick AGAIN.

Monday: 8K plus 5x200m. I was really tired from my extremely busy weekend (Calvin's birthday party, work, etc. etc. etc.) and could NOT get up this morning; in addition, I had to be at work early (8 am - usually I don't go in until 9 am). I hate not working out in the morning, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do - so I went to work, and after work changed into workout clothes and brought Grace to the track with me. She is learning to racewalk, a bit under protest, but she does want to do it. It's like playing the piano - both kids want to do it, but neither wants to actually practice. She says she wants to RW, but then doesn't want to go to the track. Today I brought her. She did 3000m in bits and pieces (but at least she did it), slowly, and with questionable legality at points. However, I will say that when she was TRYING to be legal she looked reasonably good. She needs to improve some more but she is on the right track. It was fun to have her there, mostly (except when she whined excessively!).

It was very warm at the track. I'm always happy for a nice warm day in October, but 22.8C (73F) with the sun baking me was uncomfortably hot. My heart rate got pretty high and in the mix was some dizziness which I'd been experiencing all day. Maybe I should have stopped at 6K, but I was able to go pretty fast and keep pace, so I figured it was OK. In retrospect, maybe not? I finished the 8K in 49:56 for 6:14/km with ave HR 154 (but much of the last 4K it was over 160 ... not good). I debated whether I should do the 200s, but decided it wasn't THAT hard, so I should just do it. Again, maybe not the right choice? My legs felt a bit wooden and stumpy after the 8K, and it felt so awkward trying to make them move fast. I mean, it feels awkward to do intervals after an easy pace workout, but this felt *exceptionally* awkward, like maybe something wasn't quite right. I did them in about 1:02-1:04 for a total of 5:15 for the five 200s. That seemed fast given how lousy it felt.

Afterward I had to make dinner for the family, cookies for the neighbors (they complained about our dog barking, and they are new neighbors, so trying to make amends and keep relationships good), and do up all the dishes. I'm feeling super trashed now. Legs are really, really tired. My nose is running, I still feel kind of dizzy, and tired. Yeah, really tired. I am worried I'm getting sick again. Maybe I just need some sleep?

Garmin data here: 8K
Garmin data here: 200s

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