Friday, October 17, 2014

Hanging in there. Miscellaneous + 5x800/200.

Tuesday: elliptical for 25 min. I was feeling better but not great yet.

Wednesday: family morning meltdown - was supposed to do a track workout, but Loren had a 7am meeting and I had forgotten, so I didn't get up early enough to do it before he left for work. Arrrrgh. Could NOT find time to do later in the day, and besides, it was 40kph (25mph) winds. I could have done it at the indoor track, but there really was no other time that day. Sad. But I think mentally I wasn't up for it either. :(

Thursday: should have gone to the track to make up the Wed workout, but decided I couldn't mentally handle it. Kelly was going spinning at 6am for an hour, so I met her there and did the spinning class, which actually was 1) quite fun, and 2) helpful from the mental standpoint. Exercise but no pressure. I think right now I feel like racewalking is pressure, and I'm not sure why. At least the track workout part. I am trying to reframe this because I need to look at it differently. This might take time and some thought? Or I'm just overthinking it? Anyone else feel this way about their hard workouts? Thoughts? Input?

Friday: Finally made it to the track. I did the workout that was assigned for today, which was a warm-up plus 5x800/200, with 2' rest between sets and 30 sec between the 800m and 200m. I like this workout. I usually can get excited about it. Today I was just not interested at all. I woke up not caring at all whether I racewalked or not. I didn't care about racewalking. I had no interest. I made myself not overthink things and went to the track anyway. After my warm-up, I felt better and decided I did want to racewalk; well, mostly. It was a beautiful morning at the track, and I got there late because the kids are off school so there was no hurry to get back home (my parents had them overnight! YES!). I saw the sun rise as I was warming up, and the temperature was lovely - 45F (7C) with no wind, and clear. I was thankful for the good conditions because I needed every encouragement to continue.

I did the workout well until the last one, and I got tired. I confess I pushed hard on all of them except the last one, which was perhaps 90-95% of a usual hard effort on the 800m, but 100% effort on the 200m. I was just tired.

Times: 4:31, 1:00, 4:34, 1:00, 4:36, 1:01, 4:38, 1:01, 4:42, 1:01. HR was maxing at low 170s, which seemed normal.

Garmin data here for 5x800/200.

Afterward - some soreness, but seems commensurate with the activity and not too "off" or weird. I think.

Edited to add: It has occurred to me that perhaps I'm a little depressed, which would explain my lack of desire to racewalk right now, and lack of interest. I am going to try some depression self-care: good sleep hygiene, better diet, and plenty of regular exercise. That should help.

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