Wednesday, July 13, 2011

WMA 10K - silver medal, team gold, new PR!

Too tired to write a race report --- busy day after the race, because it took us 4 hr to get our medals (yeah, standing in the sun, hot, irritating to wait so long).

So, quick summary and more later:

57:35 - new PR for judged 10K by over a minute (previous PR 58:43!).
Silver medalist; Nyle won the gold in 57:03. I was getting closer to her each lap but mostly because she had serious GI trouble; nevertheless, she was able to hold me off for the gold.
Team gold - Team USA had 3 walkers in our group; Team Russia got the silver.

Garmin connect data here.


My kids & husband arrived tonight and I was so happy to see them :)!


Harriet said...

More pay-off for all that hard work!

Breathinstephen said...

Happy belated congrats on your recent races Tammy!!!

I was actually in Sacramento last weekend and totally forgot about the races going on, but I read that Lis was there, so hopefully she cheered you guys on.

Way to go!!

Tammy said...

Thanks, Ollie & Steve!

Steve - Lis was here and she was to race - she DNF'd after having an attack from her VCD. She did recover (after some O2 in the medical tent) and cheered us on for the remainder of the race; it was nice to have our own cheering section.