Thursday, July 14, 2011

3x800 @ 85%

We're off to the SF Zoo, so quick post first. I warmed up with 1600m in 10 min flat (Calvin ran with me the whole way - and he could have gone faster!!! He's got some talent for a 6 year old!). Then Nyle and I did our 800s. We were thinking to do 4:30s, but I took off kind of fast and we did 4:20 for the first one, though it did feel easy. We did 4:25 and 4:27 for the last two, and again it felt pretty easy. We are both feeling a bit stiff from the hard 10K race, but not bad. I am a bit sore in glutes and a little in the hammies, and also in the trapezoids, oddly. Felt good to loosen up and do a bit of speed work.

Plus 3 data here - garmin connect is acting up

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