Friday, July 01, 2011

3K fartlek, 3x800/200

Weather: 63F and clear and calm. Nice.

Workout: 3K fartlek + 3 x (800, 30 sec rest, then 200).

Injury update: Shin is totally fine. Adductor spasm is better but still marginal. I was nervous about it.

Track: East High was locked because of the equipment out there from the football camp. Grrrrr. I drove to Highland High and the cheerleaders were there, but they graciously let me use lane 1.

I warmed up for 2K, doing some strides during the last 400m so as to ease into them and not cause my adductor to spasm. It worked. The 3K fartlek went very well; my HR was a bit high today and I think that's because of all the stress (work, getting ready for trip...). I bet my resting HR was high this morning. I was up until midnight doing data analysis for work, and then got up at 5:45 to get to the track. I'm pretty stressed out. Anyway, the 3K fartlek still went well. I forgot to bring my Garmin cradle so will upload later, but here are my splits (ave HR in parentheses): 1K fast 5:33 (159), 500m medium 2:57 (166), 500m hard 2:48 (174), 500m medium 3:03 (170), 500m hard 2:47 (175) for a total of 17:07, a 3K fartlek PR by 2 seconds. The adductor was a bit tight but felt OK.

I had 4 min rest and then the 800/200s. I knew I'd have to be a bit conservative starting out because of my adductor and accelerate gradually. I figured I'd be a bit slow, and I was. My first 800m was 4:30 (163), then 30s rest, and then I actually did a 57s 200m! Wow! That was fast! I had 2 min rest and could feel the adductor tightening a bit. I was really focused on technique to try and avoid problems, but when I started the next 800m I definitely felt it spasm/tweak. I finished the 800m in 4:31 (slow...bummer....) and my adductor was OK but not great. I decided then that this was my last one; it was not worth it to try and do all three and injure myself. So I rested 30s and did the 200 all-out in 58s (hey, that was pretty good!) and called it quits. Better safe than sorry. I figured I could do another one, but I just didn't want to chance it after the spasm in the 2nd 800.

I get to rest it a bit tomorrow with some cross-training, and then hopefully I'll be good to go for 15K in on Sunday morning.

No Garmin data online yet, sorry.

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