Sunday, July 03, 2011

15K in Davis, CA

Weather: 68F to start and 77F when I finished; it was humid (for me...remember I'm from Utah!) at 62%. Actually, that's pretty humid for the Sacramento area too. I was definitely hot, and drank 32 oz of water. I only brought 16 oz but refilled at Noah's Bagels on Sycamore & Covell.

Adductor injury: When I started out I thought I was going to have to stop. It was really quite tender, but I figured I'd go 1km and if it didn't improve I'd quit. By 1km it felt much better, so I kept going, focusing on my right hip (which Jim and I think is the problem). It was mostly pretty good, just niggling a bit here and there until the end. The last km it tightened up a bit again, but if I'd had to I'm sure I could have made 20K. I think it's improving gradually so if I don't do anything stupid (um, yeah, like a hard 5K race on Thursday?) it should be OK. I stretched a lot when I got back.

Route: All around Davis...I got lost at one point (I used to live here so this is funny!) but it was in a neighborhood that I didn't usually go to, and so it was understandable. Fortunately, I asked someone directions and got back on track...sort of. I ended up going a bit far, so I had 1km to walk easy home after the 15K. That was a good thing, though, because it was a great cool-down for my adductor. I made sure I walked through the university, and past Russell Park Apartments, where we lived when we were newlyweds, 18 years ago. It still looks pretty much the same at the apartments, though the university has tons of new buildings of course.

I felt really pretty good today, other than being hot and drinking a lot. Obviously I could do with a bit more heat training, but the weather in SLC just did not cooperate! Oh well...I can get some while I'm here - there is still 2 wk until the 20K and I'll be more acclimatized then.

My first 5K was the slowest, probably because I was being a bit cautious of my adductor. Still, it was pretty good, in 31:35. My 2nd 5K split was a nice fast 30:53 (1:02:28), and the third one was 31:01 for 1:33:29 total and 6:13/km. Average HR was 151, which was pretty good considering the heat and all. I'm pleased with this workout and just keeping my fingers crossed that the adductor holds up OK.

Garmin connect data here.

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