Saturday, July 09, 2011

4x500 @ 85%

This morning I warmed-up for about 10 min w/strides (1.67km) and then did 4x500m @ 85% effort. I really did take it easy on these, except for the last one, which I did at about 90%. The second one was 0.01km short; I was not on the track and I was measuring by looking at the Garmin. My 500s were 2:44, 2:35 (short --- so probably 2:40ish), 2:40, and 2:38. Nice! The 2:38 was the fastest 500 this year, and I know I could have gone a bit faster, so I'm quite happy with this.

OK, got to go --- off to Lake Tahoe!

Garmin connect data here.

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