Monday, July 25, 2011

the week in workouts in Southern California

I took it really easy this last week while we were in Disneyland. We walked A LOT every day in the park, and I had some blisters (hahaha) despite wearing RW shoes! I'm sure it was because walking sloooowly and standing a lot is quite different from racewalking.

I ate a lot, didn't racewalk much, and yeah, gained some weight. But it was fun, and the weight will come off.

I did an easy 5.27K on Monday, in 32:46, ave HR 130, ave pace 6:13/km.

On Tuesday I rested, and then on Wednesday did 9.9K in 1:03:00 for 6:22/km, ave HR 140.

On Thursday I managed an easy 5.25K in 32:31, ave HR 137, ave pace 6:12/km.

Friday and Saturday were more rest days! Yeah, I took it REAL easy.

Sunday morning I met Lauri Berger in the park in Huntington Beach for a nice easy 5.34km. Lauri is a fellow RWer from Arizona, and she was at the 15K in Riverside (she did the 5K) in May. I got to the park a bit earlier than she did, and so I did 1.07km (one park loop) before she got there. This is the course that they use for the USATF Masters 20K championships in March each year. I was glad to check out the course, since I'd love to do that race. I was going to do it this year, but that didn't work out. Maybe next year. Anyway, Lauri and I first took pictures of our matching license plates, and then did a nice slow walk at about 7:30/km (she usually does 5K races in 33-34 min) and really enjoyed socializing. She told me all about how she accidentally met Deena Kastor in Mammoth Lakes a week or so ago - she was camping there and went for a short training walk up and down a residential street, and ran into Deena walking her very large dog. Quite a story.

After the walk, I drove back to the hotel, packed up the car, and we drove the 10.5 hrs back to Salt Lake, arriving at 10 pm (with the hour lost to time change...sigh...).

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