Wednesday, February 16, 2011

weights, 10K

Today was weird. Last night I was at work from 9 pm to midnight doing a time-sensitive experiment. I figured I'd sleep until 6:30-6:45 then hit the gym for some weights, and fit in my 10K racewalking later in the day somewhere - maybe leave work early to do it. I did wake around 6:30 and went to the gym to lift, and while I was there I figured, "Hey, I could just take Calvin to school and then go racewalk BEFORE work, and be a bit late." The weather was amazingly warm at 50F (10C) but very, very windy. Seriously gusty knock-trash-cans-over windy. It is supposed to storm, and this is the "warm before the storm" that often happens here. The weather said possible rain turning to snow by 11am, so I thought going racewalking early was sounding better and better.

I took it easy on the lower body weights, knowing I'd be racewalking afterward. I did do walking lunges, but just used 15 lb/arm. Did some chest flys and calf raises and lat pull-downs, then also some bicep curls and tricep skull crushers. Then a good set of abs, including a 2-minute plank (haven't done one that long in a while). It's nice to be feeling better!

Then I drove Calvin to school, helped Michelle get dressed, and went racewalking. I was apprehensive I'd be slow after doing weight training, but happily, I felt great and was even faster than yesterday. I did the exact same route as yesterday and almost all my splits were significantly faster. However, the last 3K was mostly into the wind and uphill, and I was tired by then. I still pulled out a 1:04:11, 30 sec faster than yesterday. Everything felt great except that my left foot is still just the teeniest bit achy/warmish. I think it's going to be fine, and I'm not too worried, but I'm still just watching my form and monitoring it.

10K, 1:04:11, 6:25/km, ave HR 152. Garmin connect data here.


Harriet said...

Weird, isn't it: when we KNOW that we haven't had enough sleep and that we are tired, we end up having a nice surprise? I've had this happen too (just not recently ;-) )

Tammy said...

Yes, I have had this happen before too. I don't mind at all...not one bit :).

You are gradually improving, Ollie, and hopefully you'll have some fantastic days this summer!