Sunday, February 06, 2011

banished to the bike for a day

My coach banished me to the bike for the day. After the sluggish performance of the last two days, he thought a day of cross-training would be a good thing, and I agreed. It was kind of nice to just hit the bike and the elliptical (30 min each) and read Runner's World, listen to some tunes, people-watch, and have a relaxing workout. The weather was really nice today though - about 41F (4C) and sunny, and it was beckoning me to be outside. Weird that 41 feels so warm, but after the cold weather of about 10 days ago, it really does feel nice, especially in the sun. Anyway, thought I was tempted to racewalk outside, I dutifully hit the gym and did my thing.

Tomorrow: another 3K fartlek. Hoping for good things!

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