Wednesday, February 02, 2011

6.119K on indoor track

It was cold this morning, but not as cold as predicted. It was only 7F, but that was better than 0F (-18C)! It was supposed to be windy, too, but it wasn't. Had I known it would be 7F and calm, I would have walked outside. I still could have, but I was all packed & ready for the gym followed by heading straight up to work, so that's what I did. Actually, the indoor track is at the gym at the U, and I meet Lisa at the county recreation facility nearby, so I went to two gyms this morning. Yeah, I have two gym memberships. Kinda funny since I used to be a couch potato. I could just have one, but I talked Lisa into the membership first, and then when the weather turned nasty in the fall I realized it would be good to have one at the field house at the U so that I could use the indoor track rather than always having to do the treadmill. Besides, the county facility is much nicer and more comfortable in the summer (better air conditioning), so it's better year-round for weight training. I only need the U membership in the winter, and as part-time staff I can only buy 6 months at a time anyway, so it all works out.

Enough digression. I felt tired this morning (sleepy tired) after not enough sleep for a couple nights in a row. My legs were a tad sore (upper hamstrings/glutes) but other than that I felt OK. I was sluggish this morning, though. On the 211m track, 6:30/km is equivalent to 1:22/lap. I tried to keep that pace, but my body just wasn't into it this morning. Most laps were 1:23-1:24, and I settled into that rhythm because it felt right this morning. I finished 29 laps before it was time to go lift weights with Lisa. It took 40:24 for the 6.119K (211m * 29 laps), so I averaged 6:36/km with an ave HR of 150.


When I got to the other gym I didn't have a lot of time to lift weights because I chatted with Lisa too long (she was riding the stationary bike...should have hopped on the one next to her, but felt lazy!). I still got in a couple sets of stuff to help with my various weak spots, plus abs and stretching. I did walking lunges with 17.5lb in each hand/bench press w/30lb dumbbells then rowing machine (70 lb)/multi-hip abductors (80 lb), and finally some one-legged calf raises (body weight)/lateral raises (10 lb). Then core exercises that Lisa and I did together, plus stretching.


Harriet said...

I have a university membership and one at the public gym (Riverplex) too. :-)

Tammy said...

Ollie - that's funny :). Great minds think alike? Anyway, at least we USE our gym memberships. Better to have two and use both of them than to have one and not use it.