Wednesday, February 23, 2011


It was about 26F (-3C) when I went out this morning. One nice thing is that at least it's getting light a bit earlier these days (unfortunately daylight savings will start in a few weeks). It was dark when I started but it was light by the time I finished. With temps in the 20s, though, I figured the breathing might be an issue again. It was; despite taking albuterol before going out I did cough a bit. Seemed better than yesterday, though.

I forgot to charge the battery in my Garmin yesterday, so it was desperately low. When I realized that I only had about 5 minutes to charge it because I had to get going so I could get back in time to take Calvin to school. Grrr. The battery made it to 4.52km, but I had brought a backup stopwatch to get the rest of the workout. Then when I got home I mapped the distance online so I still know more or less how I did. I just don't have HR data or splits for the last 7.26km. I had to guess how far 12k was, and I knew I was guessing a touch short, but it was close.

I felt reasonably good this morning. I knew I wasn't breaking any land speed records, but it felt OK. It was kind of nice not to have the pressure of the Garmin beeping every km telling me my splits.

Total distance 11.78km; total time 1:17:48, for 6:36/km. I'd guess my ave HR was about 152-153 but I really have no idea; my ave HR for the first 4.52k was a bit high at 154, but I think I slowed down a bit after that (I know I did slow down a little). Oh, and I do know it took me about 6:40 for the 2nd to last km (uphill) and 6:36 for the last bigger uphill km. I pushed at the end to finish well.

My knee didn't bother me much (though it was killing me all day yesterday), and today it's been feeling better - it's a superficial wound but hurts to wear jeans, so I wore some looser corduroys today.

The thing that does hurt is my foot. While I was out walking it was merely a bit warm, but now that I've been on it all day it's definitely achy and a bit throbby. Not good. I'm glad that tomorrow is a rest day. I did focus on my form today to try and avoid this problem, so I'm not sure what is up with that. Hopefully after a day off it will feel better. I want it to be better because I have 20K planned on Saturday. It's supposed to snow Friday night and Saturday morning so I'm not sure what I'm going to end up doing - 20K on the indoor track would be a serious bore, but that might be what I do, depending on the snow amount. 20K in a few inches of the white stuff is not that great either!

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