Saturday, July 25, 2009

TNT workout

We met at the Porter Rockwell trail today; Nike team had 6 miles and the TOU team had 10 or 14 miles (some got off schedule a bit and are catching up). It was 73 and humid; I felt really hot and uncomfortable for most of the workout because of the humidity. Yeah, I'm a humidity wimp after living in Utah for 10 years now.

I was tired this morning. Started off with one of our faster runners, who was doing 9-min miles. Normally that's a pretty easy run pace for me, but not today. The heart rate was pretty high and though I did stay w/her for a mile I was pushing it :(. My hamstrings are a bit sore from the race, and the piriformis is acting up a bit, but other than that I'm feeling good - just tired.

The good news is that I did end up running (not RW) for about 5.5-6 miles and had no IT band problems. Yay! This is the farthest I have run since last November when I first hurt my IT band (not that I'm trying to run a lot, but it's nice to be able to when I need to for TNT). I racewalked a fair amount, too, some with runners, and some with run/walkers (who were mostly running, albeit slowly). Total of about 12 miles at about 11:15/mile on average. Pretty fast for a TNT workout, probably because my walkers weren't there.

Photos here.

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