Thursday, July 23, 2009

challenging week

This is a challenging food week. On both Tues & Wed I had TNT dinners to attend. Tues night was not pretty, though fortunately since it's the beginning of the week I had my 35 points allowance. I didn't use it all, which was good since I really need some to get through the week. Last night I did a lot better but still used some points allowance; unavoidable when eating out.

I'm also overtired. Have not gotten enough sleep due to being out the past 2 nights. Fortunately, tonight I have nothing planned. Unfortunately, I have the July 24th (Pioneer Day - unique Utah holiday) 10K race tomorrow, so I'll be getting up about 4:30 am. Maybe I can get to bed early. Maybe. I'm not holding my breath.

Yesterday my piriformis was still bugging me, so I cross-trained, biking to my weight training class and doing a lot of my hip/IT band PT exercises. Felt good.

Last night I had to drive one of the team members to her home in Orem after the dinner, which took me about 1.5 hr in the car and made my piriformis very unhappy. I think the driving is what is really getting it, not the RW. Anyway, this morning I took it easy because of the race tomorrow and because of the sore piriformis. Just did an easy 3.65-ish miles (~6K) around Sugar House Park in 38 minutes and change.

Tomorrow I'll have a race report at some point.

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Hunca Munca said...

Isn't it always when we're already sleep deprived that food temptations pop up relentlessly? I hope you get some sleep this weekend after the race! And, I hope the race is fun and fast. :-)