Monday, July 06, 2009

Racewalk with a friend

This morning I did 10 miles or so on the Jordan River trail with my friend Sue. It was pretty warm (68 to start at 6 am, and 75 when we finished at 7:50 am), but quite lovely by the river, which keeps the air a bit cooler.

I was shooting for a 11:00 pace, but as usual when with Sue, I went faster. She's a runner, and her natural long distance pace is probably a 10:30, so she is usually a step or 2 ahead of me. I am too competitive to back off much and I really like her company a lot, so I just go with it. Today we did the 10 miles at a 10:44 pace, and it was great. My IT bands did not bother me at all, which was a relief because they were pretty sore on Sunday. Rest and anti-inflammatories did wonders.

I love racewalking with friends. I rarely get to do this because I'm too fast for most walkers and too slow for many runners. Sue is actually a very talented runner (she BQ'd a few years back) but likes to take her long days nice & easy, and enjoys the company. We had a great time chatting it up about all sorts of things. She will be out of town next Monday so I'll have to walk alone, which is not nearly as fun.

We mapped out some mileage on the trail, which was super for future TNT workouts. All in all, a great way to start the morning.


Nyle said...

well done, thats a great pace to stick at for 10km. Plus it is so much easier when you have company. My hubby normally jogs along with me as when I run he cant keep up but when I walk its the perfect pace for him. Keep it up.

Nyle said...

opps....I meant 10 miles...sorry. I am plus for me everything is metric

Tammy said...

:) sorry, Nyle --- I used to be really good about posting in metric, too, but I have gotten lazy. I know I have a reader from Canada and some others from overseas so I will try to be more conscientous about converting to make it easier for you. We Americans are the blonde ones for not going metric yet!!!