Monday, July 06, 2009

Some good news :)

I got a new job :). I've actually known about this for a month or so, but I didn't say anything until all the relevant parties knew about it.

A couple months ago my previous employer, S, called me and asked me to come work for him temporarily, as he had some $ for a quick project. My first day back, I was cryosectioning and just shooting the breeze w/a tech in the C lab when she told me of a part-time position in another lab for an experienced tech. I was quite interested and gave her my info. She passed it on, and later that afternoon, J came and talked to me about the job. I interviewed the next week but left things up in the air, wanting to wait and see because S had 3 pending grants, and I loved working for him. Well, long story short, after discussing for a long time with Loren, we agreed that it was best for our family if I went back to work PT, and that I had better jump on this rare opportunity. So I told J I wanted the job for sure, and he was quite happy to arrange things.

I start tomorrow, and will work Tu & Th all day and F mornings. I'm excited, and the kids are very happy to be going back to "school" again to see all their friends. I really do think PT work is the best of both worlds. I miss the lab and am eager to get my feet wet again :)!

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Lani said...

Good for you! It sounds like the best of both worlds.