Tuesday, December 02, 2014

lots of cross-training ahead

So, I finally got my toe x-rayed. I just wanted to be sure that there wasn't anything else going on in the joint, and also wanted to know that there wasn't any displacement or other problems. And while it IS broken, and quite thoroughly, it's going to heal just fine in 6-10 weeks, or so they say.

Meanwhile, I'm cross-training a lot. I did elliptical yesterday and today I got daring and tried a spinning class for the first time since I broke it. That actually went fine, and I was able to do pretty much everything pain-free. So I'll be making good friends with the spin bike and the elliptical for the next few weeks.

I plan to use some of the extra time I'll have to do a bit more music stuff. I've been arranging a carol for small ensemble for church for Advent, and also am thinking to get my clarinet out and dust it off for a couple things for church and maybe for playing with a string quartet.

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Harriet said...

My goodness. I hope that healing goes quickly.