Monday, April 14, 2014


I felt OK this morning and decided to racewalk. Yesterday, I didn't, so I took a rest day. But today I was determined to do it. It was chilly (30F, -1C) with a breeze, but it was sunny and beautiful anyway. I started off and knew it wasn't going to be easy, but I didn't care. Well, I did, and I didn't. I desperately want to feel better, and I really wanted to RW, no matter what. If it got too ridiculous I'd stop, but I wanted to get out there. Below left, how I felt at the 3.5km point, when I knew it was a rough one:

I took lots of small rest breaks and trained the dog to sit (with treats I brought along), which seemed to help me get through OK. I wasn't fast but it wasn't awful either. Of course, I have a half marathon entry for this Saturday, and I would not have been able to racewalk that this morning. I have decided if I feel suspect on Saturday that I will walk it slowly with Diane, and stop at my house (at the 8.5 mile point) if I feel too tired to finish.

Anyway, this morning I did my walk at 6:39/km pace in 39:56. Slow, sore, a bit tired, but done. I have some residual soreness now (at 3 pm) but really not bad at all. Hoping I will feel better on Saturday.

Garmin data here.


Harriet said...

Do you think you can do the "1/2" at an easy pace, if necessary, or at least start easily and turn it on if you are still feeling good a bit into it?

Tammy said...

Ollie - maybe. At best I am looking at doing the whole thing at an easy pace. I'd hate to not do it because I've done this race every year since '07, and it was my first half. Hopefully at worst I can alternate RW and casual walking. We will see...