Monday, April 07, 2014

still resting up

Yesterday I decided to stretch my legs for a bit and took a short racewalk. We adopted a dog on Saturday, so I brought her and the kids along. Calvin ran, and Grace rollerbladed, and the dog ran alongside me. It was a bit tricky since she's not used to the whole leash thing, so I went slower than I'd have gone otherwise. However, my legs were definitely NOT up for this sort of thing yet, so I'd have been slow anyway. I thought before I went that they felt good, but the racewalking made them hurt. Fortunately, they didn't hurt the rest of the day. I did 3km at a 6:50/km pace and mostly enjoyed it, when I wasn't worrying about how slow I was and if my legs would ever get better again.

Today I took a rest day, though I did walk the kids to school and back twice (with the dog); 1km
each way for 4km. Add in a side trip to the dog park (another 1km total) and I walked 5km casually.

I am going to try again to racewalk tomorrow morning, alone, if I feel good. (Or maybe with the dog…?).


More about our new dog: Labrador Retriever/Great Pyrenees mix, female, 2yo, about 70-80lb. Super sweet and calm temperament. She was picked up as a stray with an injured leg, but after antibiotics she is doing well. Looks like she may have had a litter of puppies at some point. We adopted her from Furever Buddies Dog Rescue, with all her shots and spayed. Her new name is Sugar, and we are loving her!

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Heather said...

HI Tammy! Hope today is treating you well. :-) I have a quick question and was wondering if you could please email me at hvsj12 at gmail dot com when you have a free moment. Thanks!! xoxo H