Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Chatted with my coach last night, and he recommended I try 10K today. I thought that was a lot…but then, he is smart, and I'm paying him to give me advice. I trust him. So I did it.

I didn't have any trouble completing it, though my muscles were sore (some of the "weird soreness" for sure) from 6K onward. It didn't slow me down much, though, and I managed the 10K in a surprisingly quick 1:03:21 for 6:20/km with ave HR 148. Part of that may be that I stopped more frequently than usual, because 1) I had the dog with me and she is not used to going so far, and would occasionally pull hard like she needed to rest, so I'd pause for a minute or two; 2) I thought it was good for ME to pause for a bit and stretch, get a drink, whatever, since I haven't done 10K racewalking in a while. Whatever the case, it seemed to work well.

I will admit that now (at lunch break) I am feeling quite fatigued and sleepy, and my muscles are a bit stiff/sore - especially glutes. But I think they'll be OK if I rest up this afternoon. I work 30 hr/wk, and get off work at 2pm on M-W to do stuff w/the kids. Today Calvin is at a friend's house and then soccer practice, and I don't have to pick up Grace until 4:15 to get her to her ceramics class. So, if I leave work by 2:15 (theoretically possible at this point) then I'll be home around 2:40 and I can still get in a quick nap before picking up Grace.

I have to be smart with my energy at this point. Sure, there are LOTS of things I could do like cleaning my house, doing laundry, financial stuff, cleaning out the garage, putting together some more of our new bedroom furniture, etc. etc. etc. but it will have to wait. I need rest so that I can function in life and so that I can (maybe) train. I have a new rule about electronica after 9pm (which I bent to 9:15pm last night), and a doctor friend also advised me to try gluten-free and no added sugar for 1 month (gulp!). Probably won't do a darn thing, but can't hurt and might help. Probably will help me lose some weight as I will admit to a sugar problem :). I see sugar, I eat it :).

Here's hoping for the best! Seriously, at this point I will do anything within reason to try and feel better. And maybe some things that aren't reasonable? :)

Edited to add: amazingly warm weather today - almost too warm for my cold-accustomed blood haha! It was 68F (20C), calm and cloudy. It's windier now and we're supposed to get a storm, which is why it was so warm.

Garmin data here.

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