Tuesday, July 23, 2013

rest day, cross-training, 6K

Sunday: rest day


Monday: cross-training - 25 min elliptical, bike to work (21 min) and back home (10 min).


Tuesday: 6K
Legs were a bit tired this morning probably from biking yesterday, since it's been a week since I biked to work. However, that didn't seem to hurt my racewalking any, as I was able to do the 6K pretty easily. My legs felt tired for the last 1.5km or so, but I didn't lose much speed on the small uphill returning home.

Total time 36:08 for 6:01/km with ave HR 142.

Garmin data here. 

Of note: I brought my parents' puppy with me - Sherrie, age 8 months, Aus Shepherd/German Shepherd mix. She did great! Here are pics:

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