Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Deseret News 10K - 2013 edition

This is one of those races that I do pretty much every year. It's just a great race - awesome course on the parade route (for Pioneer Day - aka Pie 'n' Beer day to the less-reverent among us) with lots of downhill and lots of spectators. At left, with my friend Leah from the Wasatch Walkers before the race.

The race was smaller this year - they offered a 1/2 marathon, which attracted people away from the 10K I think. I was NOT ready to do a 1/2 marathon, so the 10K was just right for me. I enjoyed the usual runner comments and spectators cheering "Go powerwalker" "Speedwalker!" etc. There were 2 people who yelled "Racewalker!" - and I knew one of them, of course. Glen Wells, age 50-54 American record holder at 50K for a while (not sure if his record still stands; it was 5:13). One woman said "Great job! I see you every year and you're awesome!" That was nice :).

The weather was decent - 70F (21C) and overcast, and slightly humid for Utah (instead of 5% humidity it was maybe 30%?). Heat wasn't really a factor for me this year, but being out of shape certainly was. The race went well until 5 miles, and then I had no legs and no oomph to keep me going up the slight incline at the end of the race, so my pace slowed a bit and I felt very tired.

I told Jim I'd do it at a moderate pace, and I did. I started easy, then pushed to moderate after a couple miles, then gave it a lot more at the end - pushed quite hard for the last couple km. However, I have no endurance right now (understandably) and so none of that mattered very much. Pushing hard didn't help too much when there was no gas left in the tank!

Still, it wasn't my slowest Deseret News 10K ever. I finished in a respectable 58:26. Splits (mile, or 1.609km) - 8:50, 8:54, 9:33, 9:28, 9:33, 12:09 (last 1.2 miles, with the only uphill on the course). Average HR was indeed a moderate 153, though I did get up to 169 at the very end.

Garmin data here.

Leah finishing.
after the race

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