Tuesday, July 30, 2013

resting up

Apparently I'm still quite under the weather. I've been continuing to feel unusually tired and have sore muscles that don't recover well. After my 10km on Saturday, I took Sunday as a rest day and planned to x-train on Monday. However, I overslept my alarm (a bit unusual for me) and my legs were sore and I felt lousy, so I decided not to push it and rested that day too.

This morning I met Adriana (a recent high school graduate who is a promising racewalker, doing 29:25 for 5K on July 4th) at the track. I intended to warm up with her, giver her some technique pointers, and do a 3K fartlek while she did whatever she wanted to do. I felt OK after our warm-up (4 laps or 1600m in about 9:30) but not great, and she really needed some technique help. I decided one more day off might be good, and spent time with her working on a few things. I think it helped her a lot, and I'm glad I did it. I did end up walking a total of about 2.5km with her (not much, but something).

So for a bit more exercise, I talked the kids into biking to their summer camp at the U this morning, and I biked with them. Then I biked up the hill to my work on upper campus. Not as much exercise as usual, but I am feeling a bit better today - so far.

My plan for tomorrow is to meet Adriana again; I'm going to do 5K and meet her for 5K more for a total of 10K for me and only 5K for her. She's out of conditioning and her knee is bothering her a bit so I don't want her to walk too far. She thought 5K would be all right.

Jim wants me to do a 3K fartlek this week so I'll try for that on Thursday, take a long hike Friday, and try for 10K on Saturday, legs permitting. That may be more than I can do, so if I don't feel good I'll perhaps x-train Saturday (maybe swim or do something that is easier on my legs?) and do 10K on Sunday instead.

This is getting old. I'm more than ready to feel better. Plus it's been a real challenge managing my weight with so little exercise. I gained about 3-4lbs on the cruise but I've taken that back off now, thankfully. I'm still 5-6 lb over where I'd like to be for competition, but since I can't compete right now, my motivation is lower than it should be. I'll settle for maintenance now, which is challenging enough.

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