Monday, March 21, 2016

yoga; 10K

Yesterday: yoga, the hard DVD. Then was just sooooooo tired that I had to take a nap. There was no stopping it.

Today: 10k this morning, and I felt OK but was slow and somewhat sore in the hammy; pain was 2/10 but never more. I think the PT from Friday plus some of the yoga stretching is to blame for the sore hammy, though it wasn't *that* sore and feels fine now. Time was 6:41km for 1:06:58 with ave HR 144. Brought both dogs along and they were pretty good though Powder had some lagging/potty issues at the end.

After a busy work day and taking the car to the shop (routine inspection, oil change) and then taking Grace to violin, grocery shopping, and making dinner, I'm thrashed. Low energy tonight, with a pounding headache. I think I'll go to sleep early. My resting HR is nice and low so I doubt this is a relapse of the fatigue; maybe I have a virus of some sort? More rest should help.

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