Wednesday, December 17, 2014

catching up again

Sorry...'tis the season. I'm trying NOT to be too busy, but it's catching up to me anyway.

Sunday: rest day.

Monday: woke up late but still managed 30 min elliptical.

Tuesday: 1 hr spin class with Kit; good endurance ride.

Wednesday: 90 min spin class with Jen; pushed *really* hard. Tough climb with at least 10 min of HR>160. Garmin data here.  Though I pushed very hard, and my legs were tired later, there was no weird soreness. As for fatigue, yeah, I have that, but I suspect most of it is seasonal doing-too-much rather than the mystery illness.

Tomorrow: I plan to go spinning again but not push too hard.

Friday: Spinning is the 12 days of Christmas class, which I'm looking forward to a lot. Calvin has volunteered to be an "elf" for the class, handing out door prizes, etc. He will have to get up early to go with me (class starts at 5:30 am, since it's a 90 min class) but he's excited to do it.


Toe update: still hurts to put on socks and to walk. Hurts a lot if I'm on my feet too much, and then I have to ice it and take ibuprofen or naproxen. Wheeee. I'm getting another x-ray on Tuesday. I can't tell that it's improved at all.

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