Thursday, August 14, 2014

not-so-good week

I've had very low energy this week. I've been very tired, not the severe fatigue I had last year, but very very tired. In addition, I've definitely had some of the weird muscle soreness. Not bad, very minor, but it's back. I hope this is just a small setback, so I'm taking it very easy.

Monday - biked to work.

Tuesday - did 6K in 37:56 for 6:19/km with ave HR 146. Felt very tired.

Wednesday - elliptical 20', bike to work.

Today - was going to RW 8K, but felt tired. Did 5K instead in 31:56 for 6:23/km with ave HR 142, and then swam laps for 20 min tonight to get some more cardio but using different muscles. I had some of the weird soreness today at work while sitting. Just barely noticeable, but there, and my legs were very heavy.

I am really hoping not pushing it and sleeping extra will help me feel better ASAP. I really do not want to be sick again. Not right before Portland-to-Coast :(.

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