Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Portland-to-Coast; cross-training; 8K

Still catching up from my trip to Portland and very tired so this will be brief.

Here are all my pictures from Portland-to-Coast. PTC is a walking relay from Portland to Seaside, Oregon, which is 132 miles long (212km), and typically done with a team of 12 people doing 2 legs each (24 legs total). Lots of fun, as usual! The lack of training made me a bit slower but none of my teammates seemed to mind. We were still all very fast and won the race. Yup, first out of 400 teams, in 21 hours 33 minutes, 10 minutes faster than we predicted. My times were about 1 min slower than I'd predicted, but overall we were faster than we thought. Though I was slower than I'd like, I know I trained as hard as my body would let me, and I'm happy with how things went.

First leg: 6.81 miles (10.96km, though my Garmin read 11.15, so I suspect it may have been a bit long - and my time was 20 sec slower than I predicted, in part because of that?) - with 1.7 miles (2.67km) uphill - steep, hard uphill! Then...5.1 miles (~8km) downhill. The uphill was 128m in that short distance, equivalent to the tallest building in Salt Lake. Gulp. It was hard, too, and I was slower than I thought - I figured I'd do 6:30/km up that thing, and it was more like 6:40-6:45. Oh well. I was fast coming down, and my Garmin said I averaged 5:55/km for the total distance. My legs got pretty darn tired the last 4km or so; I haven't raced this hard for this far in a while. I was really pushing it, with average HR 165 for the distance. Wow. Garmin data here. 

Second leg: only 3.36 miles (5.4km), with gently rolling hills and one biggish hill at the start. The larger hill was only 18m high (59 feet), but over a short distance (600m or so) and my legs were tired. I definitely had some of the weird soreness after sitting in the van after the first leg, and it was quite annoying. I'm sure that didn't help my leg speed - I felt heavy-legged and a bit like I was walking through sludge. Hard to push myself, but I did push as hard as my sorry legs would go. Waddle waddle :(. Total elevation gain (and loss, as the end of the leg was at the same elevation as the start) was 31m (102 feet). Definitely not flat, and not that easy when tired. I was slower than the first leg by my Garmin, at 6:08/km, but the team spreadsheet, which goes by the official mileage, had me at 9:40/mile for the 2nd leg and 9:43/mile for the first leg - faster for the first. I dunno. All I do know is that I was tired, did as well as I could, and was so glad to be done. The weird soreness was much less after my second leg, and didn't bother me at all on the flight home. Whew. Garmin data here. 

Favorite picture from PTC below. My form looks good in that photo. Hope it was that good for the whole leg. Probably not so much on that hard uphill!

Sunday: rest day
Monday: x-train - stationary bike 20 min, ride bike to work.
Tuesday: very easy easy easy 8K with my friend Alex, a RWer from NYC who is visiting to do a couple marathons. He was tired from his marathon on the weekend, and I was tired from PTC. I could have gone faster alone but didn't mind too much going slowly. Did 8K at 6:57/km; then was to do 5x200 but because we were so slow I had to stop after one and get home ASAP to make sure the kids got to school on time. Oops.
Wednesday: x-train - elliptical 25 min, stationary bike 20 min.

I feel like I'm recovering OK. Not perfect, but not too bad. Not feeling sicker, but maybe not a lot better either. Maintaining, which for now is OK. I'll take it.

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