Friday, August 08, 2014

angry cross-training

The first part of my cross-training was non-angry. I went to the gym and did the elliptical for 30 min. When I got home, I took Calvin to camp then came home to clean up and get to work. Long story short, but got roped into taking Grace to camp, which made me late for work. Very late...because not only did she have a giant tantrum, but she didn't bring sunscreen and so I had to stop and buy some, and in addition I didn't know drop-off today was at the park instead of at her school, and the park is farther. Grrrrr. It just wasn't a good morning. Add in being a bit tired and just cranky at myself in general, and my bike ride to work ended up being a very angry ranting-type bike ride. I biked fast and furious and tried to get out all my emotions physically. It sorta worked. Arrived at work (fast! under 21 min for the 5.35km uphill!) and still had a nice vent to our undergraduate help, who is a very good listener :). I feel better now, after being at work and getting some good stuff done. It helps that my PCR worked, I found 3 founders in my fish screen at midday, and in general work is going well today. 

Glad to be feeling better now. Taking a quick break from entering credit card purchases into the system (one of the exciting duties of a lab manager) to blog and have a latte. Now back to work...

Tomorrow: 15K with a friend. Looking forward to it.

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