Thursday, August 28, 2014

5K fartlek and feeling good

Went to the track today for a 5K fartlek. Alex, my RW friend from New York City, came along and did his own track workout. Adriana was supposed to meet us, too, but didn't show. Not sure what's up with that - she usually at least texts me. Hope she is OK.

I warmed up for 1600m in 10:02, with 2x100m strides on the last lap. Felt decent. Stretched a bit (dynamic drills) and got going. The weather was perfect, in the low 60s (about 15C) with no wind and no rain. Lovely :).

The fartlek went fine. I felt a bit tired with slight heaviness in my legs, but no weird soreness during or after. In fact, after the workout I rode my bike to work (after going home, making lunch, showering, etc.) and felt fine, almost like I hadn't worked out hard. I wasn't very fast; actually was about 15 sec slower than on vacation when I last did it, but that's in the ballpark of what I can do right now. I am OK with it, realizing that until I 1) up my mileage, 2) increase my speed work, and 3) lose 10 pounds, I am really not going to improve very much. 1) and 2) have to be done VERY VERY cautiously at this point, which is OK as long as I feel good. 3) is something I could do more about but have been struggling with. It's hard when I can't exercise as much, but that's a lame excuse. I need to get more sleep and stop exposing myself to situations where overeating is too easy, or at least have better plans to combat it. Geez. Never ending battle.

Back to the fartlek - total time was 29:56 with fast 500s from 2:51-2:55 and medium effort 500s from 3:06 to 3:12 (yeah...still not very fit, for reasons listed above). Average HR was 161, so I was working hard. At least I can still do under 30 min 5K in a workout. I'm just happy to be feeling gradually better. Not at 100% yet but improving, and I'll take it.

Garmin data here. 

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