Tuesday, May 13, 2014

feeling a bit better --- for now, anyway

I've been feeling better this week - for now, anyway. I'm not holding my breath, given the history of this malady.

Yesterday my legs felt pretty good, so I decided to take a racewalk. Calvin wanted to come along, and 1km in he had terrible cramping. Poor guy seems to have gotten the stomach thing going around. I walked him (slowly) most of the way home, and then went back out and racewalked 4.5 more km for a total of 5.5km. My legs had a bit of the weird soreness during and after, but not too awful, and my energy levels were low but not dismal. All in all, not too bad. Total was about 35:40 or so (watch stopped mistakenly while out with Calvin) for the 5.5km, for just under 6:30/km.

Today I felt decent when I woke up, and decided to racewalk again. Calvin came along and made it about 4km before he felt ill today. Arrrgh! He did manage to run home with me (I was racewalking) and we only had to stop a couple times for him because of his stomach. Grace was up several times last night with vomiting and diarrhea, so I guess he has it too. Hopefully I won't get it. Washing my hands a lot! Anyway, we made it 6km; my legs started to hurt a bit around 3km, but never got really bad, and the weird soreness was just dimly present this morning while I was injecting at work. Total time for 6K was 39:02 for 6:30/km and my HR monitor was acting up. I think it needs a new battery.

Garmin data here for today.

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