Sunday, May 25, 2014

A week of cross training; 6K

A week of cross-training:

Monday: rest day!
Tuesday: stationary bike, 30 min.
Wednesday: stationary bike, 30 min; then ride bike to work and back.
Thursday: elliptical, 30 min; then ride bike to work and back.
Friday: elliptical, 30 min; then ride bike to work and back.
Saturday: 35 min swimming - 1 mile total (1750 yards). I am not a fast swimmer! One minute/50yd is just the right speed for 35 min of swimming. Of course, I haven't been doing much swimming lately and it's all technique.

Today: I was so ready to racewalk! I took the dog and Calvin along, and did 6K. I felt pretty good through 4.5km or so, and then had minor soreness/tiredness in legs through 6K. Very little of the weird soreness afterward despite sitting a lot playing the piano for band practice and then the church service. I am happy about that! I was pretty fast, too - well, slow historically, but faster than of late. I did 6:14/km with ave HR 144, for a total time of 37:27. I'm quite satisfied with that.

Garmin data here.

Then, because I'm totally nuts, and the weather was SO VERY NICE, I decided to ride my bike over to my parents' house. We were having dinner there, and I've always wanted to try the ride. It's about 21km (half marathon) if you go directly by car. Of course, on a bike that's more challenging since you can't go on the freeway. I decided to take the scenic route on Wasatch Blvd, and it turns out that was a whopping 8km (5 miles) farther! Well, it was fun anyway. Definitely VERY hilly, but that made things much more fun. Bicycling on the flat is not nearly so interesting. Racewalking on the flat - YES! Much better. But cycling? Give me some hills any day.

Total was 28.83 km in 1:15 and change. Garmin data here if you're interested.

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