Thursday, May 29, 2014

elliptical; 5K

Yesterday: elliptical for about 25 min at the gym…flat tire so couldn't ride my bike to work :(. It's OK; I was tired anyway.

Today: Woke up feeling very fatigued and crappy. Muscles generally sore but not too much weird soreness - felt more like the typical delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) - but from WHAT? I haven't done anything! Arrrgh. I definitely was not feeling very good this morning. I went for a 5K walk anyway, and it wasn't great but not terrible either. Muscles had some weird soreness from 3.5K on, but it hasn't been bothering me at all at work today.

Total time: 32:55 for 6:35/km with ave HR 138 (low, I know…stopped periodically because of wardrobe malfunction - shorts kept riding up - must remember not to wear that pair!).

Garmin data here. 


Health update: went to rheumatologist on Tuesday afternoon and they have no new ideas. They said it *could* be chronic fatigue but hard to diagnose. Also said it could be Celiac's, and agreed testing seemed wise since the gluten-free trial may have helped. So I have to eat gluten for 2 more weeks and then get the test June 10th. I am really hoping that is it because it's a simple fix. Annoying, but simple. I could TOTALLY live with being gluten-free if it meant feeling good again! I would *love* love LOVE to feel good again.

Mood update: depressed-ish. Hard to get out of bed. Fatigued. Icky mood. More weight gain. Vowed yet again to fix my diet, a vow which might be hard to keep. Must do something because otherwise I will probably continue to feel depressed, and that is no good either.

OK, time for lunch. Eat regularly. Helps.

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