Tuesday, May 27, 2014

5K, ride to work

Monday: rest day. My legs were tired from the bicycling and racewalking on Sunday. It was pretty normal fatigue, I think --- maybe a touch of the weird soreness and a bit of brain fog, but mostly normal.

Tuesday: My legs had some DOMS from Sunday's bike ride, which isn't surprising since I rode more than 3x longer than I'd ridden yet this year. But I still wanted to racewalk and figured that'd be OK. So I did 5K, and I was definitely a bit tired/sluggish and had some soreness during, though no weird soreness after. The dog was happy that I got out :). My total time was 31:59 for 6:23/km with ave HR 149. Garmin data here.

Then I decided to ride my bike to work. That felt all right. I'm still sore, but sometimes it helps to work it out. My legs feel decent now (at lunch) and I'm hopeful that I can walk some more either tomorrow or Thursday, depending on how I feel.

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