Tuesday, June 11, 2013


I was going to do a 3K fartlek today, but when I got to the track and started warming up, I decided I might change my mind. My legs were really sore today, and I have no idea why. At 2K they were already painful. This is ridiculous! Frustrating! I'm trying very hard to be positive and stay upbeat despite it all, but it is challenging.

I ended up doing an "easy" 5K instead. I say "easy" in quotes because it wasn't easy. I worked hard just to keep a reasonable pace. To do 3:03, 3:04, and 3:03 for my last 1500m, my HR averaged 156, 160, and 161. That's pretty high for not going very fast. Obviously my performance is still quite impaired. If the problem is B12, it could take a month or two to feel better. If not, who knows? It depends on what it is.

Total: 5K in 30:52 for 6:10/km.

Plus 3 data here (Garmin site still down).


30 min is not enough cardio for the day, not if I want to continue to take off a couple more pounds, so I biked up to work. I felt really tired when I got to work :( but I was functional at least.


Harriet said...

One question: have you been in the woods over the past year or so? I had a triathlete friend who got lyme disease; one symptom is decreased energy, aches, etc.

Tammy said...

Ollie, thanks for the suggestion. There are no ticks here that carry Lyme disease, and I haven't been tromping through the woods elsewhere. Good idea, though. Hopefully the B12 will fix me up.