Friday, June 07, 2013

rough week

It's been a rough week. On the other hand, it could be lots worse, so some perspective is needed. These are definitely "first world" problems!

In general, I didn't feel like racewalking. My glutes and hamstrings were sore and tired even when I didn't do much at all. In fact, on Thursday at work (a day I took a rest day), my legs were cramping up just from sitting a bit at work. As a result of the general fatigue and muscle aches, I didn't do much.

Tuesday I did the elliptical and then biked to and from work. Wednesday I managed 5K racewalking, and did pretty well (30:09), though the result seemed to be total exhaustion on Thursday. I just couldn't make myself get up and work out; I was so very fatigued, and just getting through the day at work was difficult. I'm not sure it was because of the 5K or because it has been a busy week at work, but I was definitely unusually tired.

This morning I woke feeling a bit better, and managed 40 min on the elliptical. After I was done my legs were certainly sore, which is completely unlike me. But I made it through the rest of the day OK, and was definitely not as tired as on Thursday.

I finally talked with my doctor today. I do not have diabetes (not a big suprise); my blood sugar and hemoglobin A1c were totally normal. My thyroid is fine. My B12 level was 384. Less than 200 definitely indicates a problem, whereas 200-400 is a possible indicator of a problem. My doctor suspects this may be the culprit, because since I have been taking B complex vitamins for about 6 months, it's possible it's come up a bit from the lowest it may have been. However, this is not a sure thing. His recommendation? Take extra B12 (1mg/day) for a few months and get re-assessed for neuropathy and see if it is improved and if I am feeling more energetic.

If I do improve, then we'll know it was B12. If not, then we will probably have to get additional tests to see what might be going on. I am hoping that is not necessary.

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