Monday, June 10, 2013

Liberty Park loop and cross-training

Yesterday (Sunday), I decided that I was going to racewalk no matter what. I had had enough days off that I could mentally deal with the idea that it was going to hurt. And you know what? It did hurt, but it wasn't awful, and I enjoyed being outside on a beautiful day. It was 60F (15C) pretty early on, as it got up in the low 90s (34C) later in the day. I was smart and took the kids to the pool in the afternoon, but that is its own blog post.

Anyway, I figured I could do the Liberty Park loop, which is about 6.25km. I felt pretty good starting off, but as usual, my legs got tired at 4km or so. I was able to push to the finish and not lose too much on the slight uphill back to the start, which is better than it has been. I'll take it.

I was pretty tired the rest of the day, but managed to play organ and the piano in the band at church, have brunch with Kelly (Leggs Benedict!), take the kids to the pool, and go to my parents' house for dinner. Thankfully, my parents spoiled us because I was quite tired and actually fell asleep on their couch before dinner.

Total time: 6.26km in 38:23 for 6:07/km. Can't see ave HR because Garmin site is down, but looks like about 150.

Plus3 upload here.


Today I cross-trained. I went to the gym and did 4.6 miles in 30 min on the elliptical (which is actually a record for me on that particular machine - why I'm able to do so well on the elliptical right now is beyond me) and then I biked up to work for a bit more cardio. I'm actually feeling decent today.

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